Menton Men's Technical Polo - White

$99.95 AUD
Product_ID: 4033

Menton is our new style of men's technical polo that delivers performance, comfort and protection with a perfectly tailored fit. The soft, lightweight, quick-drying fabric wicks away moisture from your skin while offering antimicrobial odour prevention. When you're out in bright sunshine it also shields you from harmful UV rays, with UPF-50 protection the equivalent of an extra-strong sun protection. Breathability is enhanced in all the right places with a high-performance perforated fabric and there is also a built-in loop to hold your sunglasses securely, plus a handy eyewear cleaning patch discreetly hidden in the hem. 

  • 140g/m2 lightweight and quick drying 100% polyester fabric 
  • Wicks away moisture while antimicrobial protection prevents odour 
  • Perforated 95% polyester / 5% elastane fabric at critical areas to improve breathability 
  • Prevents damage from harmful sun rays with UPF 50 protection 
  • Sunglasses holder loop and discreet eyewear cleaning patch hidden in hem 

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