Care & cleaning

Your Dubarry boots are made to last, using the finest quality leather to ensure high performance and protection. Created using the full cowhide, with its characterful and naturally occurring imperfections, the leathers are specially treated to absorb less moisture and require 70% less drying time compared to other leather types. But all leather needs care, and with a little time and the right treatments, your Dubarry boots will stay supple and waterproof. Treatment applies to any of our leather footwear products, whether deck shoes, sailing boots or country boots.

Boot storage

 All Rubber based materials may break down over time through the process of oxidation and hydrolysis. This normally occurs after at least 10 years so is not usually an issue. It can be accelerated in tropical climates if not stored in a cool well ventilated place, or if stored in direct sunlight. 

 Important information about our leather 

Yard manure, waste liquids and salt water can be very corrosive to leather. To prolong performance and protection for your Dubarry footwear, always scrub them with a soft brush and rinse with fresh tap water after exposure. When storing your boots you should follow these guidelines.

1) Boots should be cleaned, dried and treated before storing for a prolonged period

2) Boots will keep better shape over time when Dubarry boot trees are inserted

3) Storage environment should be cool, dry and consistent

4) Avoid storage in direct sunlight, or any extreme conditions

Available care & cleaning products


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