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Women's Tweed

Women's Tweed

Who said tweed was only for the races? Our tweed collection delivers the quintessential country look with a twist. From beautifully tailored coats suited to a flutter on the horses, to sophisticated skirts that turn heads whether at work or play, there's Dubarry tweed colour and style to suit everyone.

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Betony Utility Jacket - Denim Haze
Betony Utility Jacket - Hemlock
Betony Utility Jacket - Navy
Betony Utility Jacket - Navy Sale price$1,149.95
Birchdale Wool Stole - Ivy
Birchdale Wool Stole - Ivy Sale price$369.95
Birchdale Wool Stole - Taupe
Bracken Tweed Coat - Mist
Bracken Tweed Coat - Mist Sale price$999.95
Bracken Tweed Coat - Sorrel
Bracken Tweed Coat - Sorrel Sale price$999.95
Bracken Tweed Jacket - Denim Haze
Buttercup Tweed Jacket - Heath
Buttercup Tweed Jacket - Navy
Buttercup Tweed Jacket - Sorrel
Coolepark Tweed Coat - Loden
Coolepark Tweed Coat - Loden Sale price$1,299.95
Coolepark Tweed Coat - Navy
Coolepark Tweed Coat - Navy Sale price$1,299.95
Fern Tweed Skirt - Navy
Fern Tweed Skirt - Navy Sale price$369.95
Fern Tweed Skirt - Rowan
Fern Tweed Skirt - Rowan Sale price$369.95
Fern Tweed Skirt - Sorrel
Fern Tweed Skirt - Sorrel Sale price$369.95
Hazelwood Tweed Poncho - Demin Haze
Sold outHazelwood Tweed Poncho - Elm
Hazelwood Tweed Poncho - Mist
Hazelwood Tweed Poncho - Navy
Hazelwood Tweed Poncho - Sorrel
Hazelwood Tweed Poncho - Woodrose
Hedgerow Tweed Coat - Hemlock
Hedgerow Tweed Coat - Hemlock Sale price$1,249.95