Waxed Jackets

The secret to a Dubarry waxed cotton jacket is durability, longevity and personality. Produced in an expert wax cotton mill in Dundee, Scotland our wax cotton is soft, supple and breathable and combines warm, weatherproof materials into jackets and gilets bursting with character and built to last.

Each jacket is made with a densely woven cotton base, forming a strong and reliable garment. A wax finish is applied, which cleverly adjusts to surrounding temperatures becoming softer and more breathable in warm weather, then stiffer and more wind proof in cold conditions. This wax layer also has a unique quality, naturally picking up marks and creases through wear, which adds to the character of the fabric, looking better and better with age.

For an extra layer of cosy luxury, Dubarry wax jackets and gilets also have Primaloft filling stitched to the inner lining and the trim detailing features the same quality leather as our shoe and boots . 

All this combined gives you a warm, durable one-of-a-kind product, teaming our expert design with your unique personality.