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Repairs inside of warranty period

For Dubarry of Ireland product repairs inside of the one year warranty, all repairs are carried out free of charge. Where you purchased from a Dubarry of Ireland retailer, you must return the product in the first instance to where you originally purchased them for an initial assessment. In some cases this assessment in conjunction with the Dubarry Customer Service Team can be underetaken electronically using photographs to help expedite the process and in some cases alleviate the need for goods to be returned.

Repairs outside of warranty period

For Dubarry of Ireland product repairs outside of the one year warranty all charges vary. Please also note that depending on location, shipping costs may also apply.

For all enquiries, please email

Please note that an assessment must be carried out to determine whether repairs on an item are possible in the first instance. Individual cases may vary and it may be necessary to apply a charge to a standard repair.