Corporate & Social Responsibility

Dubarry of Ireland fully embrace the concept of Creating Shared Value (CSV) *, recognising that corporate success and societal welfare are interdependent.

As a company we actively play a role in supporting the environment and communities in which we work and with which we do business in the following ways: 


Dubarry of Ireland supports ethical trading and the delivery of socially responsible products to its customers. We aim to ensure that our reputable, global network of raw material and finished product suppliers operate responsibly and fairly towards employees and support employee rights.  

We are committed to the health and safety of our own employees and contractors and recognise the importance of complying with high workplace standards, fair pay and fair employment conditions.

Dubarry of Ireland constantly strive to ensure that customers enjoy the highest standard of customer service. We take all practicable steps to protect customer rights in the markets in which we operate and to deliver a unique customer experience to all of those with whom we do business. 

Community & Charity Involvement In Action

From our loyal social media following to the wonderful friends (including our four-legged friends) that we have made at the many shows that we attend, we cherish our community. We are always keen to make a positive difference in the communities with which we do business. 

NBCRI – Giving Breast Cancer the Boot!
As part of the company’s 75th Anniversary, Dubarry of Ireland produced limited edition versions of its Galway country lifestyle and Ultima sailing boots incorporating the iconic Pink Ribbon logo. We then invited our customers to pledge a donation to secure a pair of these fabulous boots. And they did us proud! 

Thanks to them we raised €60,900 and all proceeds were donated by Dubarry to the National Breast Cancer Research Institute.

Dubarry of Ireland supports a wide range of events within our core target markets, including the sailing and country lifestyle sectors. We also contribute regularly to a selection of chosen charities that are close to our hearts.


At Dubarry of Ireland, we recognise the responsibility that we have towards creating environmentally responsible products. We continually strive to reduce our environmental footprint and support employee initiatives to do so in a number of ways:

  1. We aim to ensure that all of our raw materials and products are sourced and produced in an environmentally friendly way.
  2. We actively encourage our staff at all locations to recycle as much daily office waste as possible – plastics, cardboard packaging and paper.
  3. We offer all staff at Dubarry of Ireland, Headquarters a Bike-to-Work scheme, so that each employee can make an individual effort to reduce their carbon footprint during their daily commute.

*Strategy & Society: The Link between Competitive Advantage and Corporate Social Responsibility by

Michael E. Porter

for the

Harvard Business Review